Summer Chiru 2016

Published: Monday, 08 August 2016

If you missed Summer Chiru 2016 you should be kicking yourself as you missed one of the most exciting events of the Summer. Luckily eSports Caribbean along with members from Clan Pro Circuit were there to provide coverage of the day's happenings.

It was truely a funfilled and action packed day as Clan Pro Circuit, Jamaica  Cosplayaz and The Embassy of Japan in Jamaica hosted  Summer Chiru 2016 at the UWI Mona Visitor's Bowl. Persons turned out in their numbers ready to indugle, enjoy and compete in the various events and competitions.


In some cases, Karaoke is done just for the fun of it and the audience has little expectations to be wowed or to be intrigue by the performance. This was far from the case at Summer Chiru as patrons were treated to theme songs from several popular Anime including Naruto Shippuden Opening 13 and Pokemon Go. What wowed me the most was that Naruto was sang in it's original lyrics effortlessly  and the entire audience joined in to sing along to Pokemon. Check out the clip on YouTube:


First Issue of Maroonblack Comic

Jamaicans are very creative and talented by nature and I was really surprised and intrigued when I stumble upon the Maroon Black showcase. I wanted to see what Maroonblack was about and also to see how well a Jamaican could tap into what other countries have mastered, so I purchased a copy. To my suprise and entertainment I was wholey caught up in the action, storyline and illustration depicted in comic. I don't want to give too much away, but the story is centered around our Jamaican heritage as it makes reference to the power running through the veins of decendants of Maroons. Characters such as Rolling Calf from the duppy (ghost) stories that we use to hear from our grandparents. Iconic places in Jamaica such as the Halfway Tree Clock and it's surroundings. I find myself yearning for the next issue and had to head over to the facebook page to give my feedback.

One of the scenes from the comic below.


CPC Street Fighter V Tourney

If you are a part of the fighting gaming community or even a casual gamer you missed one of the most anticipated events at Summer Chiru - Clan Pro Circuit's Street Figher V tournament.

A total of 9 player stepped in the ring to show off their best combos and dominate the fighting game scene to take home the crown of CPC Summer Chiru Supreme Champion along with $15,000 cash prize for first place.  The runner up took home $3,500 and the title of worthy adversary and maybe next time 3rd place winner got $1,500.

The crowed was fully entertained when the finals of the competition was moved to the big screen. MT Neokyo and YG Mike got in the ring to settle the score as the latter was sent to the losers round during the semi finals.  After the dust cleared one persons was crowned champion and celebrated his victory.

Check the YouTube video by CPC to see the highlights of matches leading up to the finals or check out CPC Challonge Tournament page to see the results.


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