#BestInJa LOL Tournament Results

Published: Monday, 24 October 2016

eSports Jamaica held it's first online 1 v 1 League of Legends tournament on October 22 and although the turnout was low, the level of hype, fun and excitement was very entertaining. We had a total of 6 players indulging, enjoying and competing in the tournament to see who would become victorious. Each play picked their strongest/preferred  champion, but it was KindQuille who ended up victorius by sticking with his Lucian for all games.

Despite losing the first match vs SKT T1 Apollo's Brand he fought his way through the loser bracket by defeating Project Deadshot,  coldfusion1,  and blackbloodmage to face off against the persons who put him in the loser's bracket - SK T1 Apollo.

The mistake SK T1 Apollo made this time was to make a switch to using Vayne although Brand was the champ that took him to the finals.  KindQuille showed that consisteny is key and stuck to the mantra of playing what you are good at and in the end it will all pay off.

The winner would be decided by the person who gets the first 3 kills, 100 cs or the first tower. The finals started with a lot of excitement as both player traded a kill in the early moments of the game when Vayne condemned Lucian to his turret to pick up the first kill but died to the last tower shot in the exchange giving Lucian a kill. 

The final fight that gave KindQuille the win came down to some quick thinking and  flashy move and the benefit of that Lucian passive. Vayne had just returned from base and engaged on Lucian as he was trying to take the tower. She hit him twice to set up the silver bolt proc on the third hit but devided to try to condem Lucian to the wall but with some quick thinking and quick fingers he flashed away causing the condemn to give him some distance with is a slight advantage as his attack range is longer than Vayne's this allowed Lucian to finish off the Vane with some autoattacks GG WP.

Look out for the next one in the coming months!!





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