Esports Jamaica Customs - Hunt or Be Hunted

Published: Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Playing league of legends is always fun for most people but it does get boring doing the same thing over and over. So tonight we look to change things up a bit with this thematic custom matches.



Currently there are about 6 Champions in league of legends that have a core design theme with "Hunting" as their main core. 

For some of these champions it's just for the thrill of it - Rengar, for others evolution - Kha'Zix or for something much bigger(Kindred) these champion's all have this at their core in some way.


Each team should pick at least 1 champion and use the Predator Rune or select a champion known for hunting. (HUNT OR BE HUNTED)

Game Mode:

Summoners Rift - Draft Pic

How to Join:

1. Search for eSports Jamaica Customs in the lobby

2. Enter the password #BestInJa

Hosting Date - March 28, 2018

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