Tournament Series Update

Published: Monday, 21 August 2017

The soon to be launched eSports Jamaica League of Legends tournament series will provide Jamaican League of Legends players with the opportunity to show their dominance in the game and put to rest the question of who is the best in Jamaica. Players will also get the opportunity to win cash & prizes as well as medals for their participation and the top teams will have the opportunity to enter into regional tournaments. 


So far we have a total of 8 registered teams but only 21 registered players, majority of whom are "Free Agents". We will be hosting some custom games at a date TBD and will be inviting all Free Agents to participate in an effort to help them to either form a team or get selected by existing teams.


For the already registered teams, we are asking the Team Captains to either add players to your team using the Join Team link or sending the link to the players to have them fill out the form. 



Registration is still open for all persons who are interested in entering the competition.

Keep abreast of the progress by checking back on the website regularly or following us on facebook and twitter.

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