eSports continues to grow in Jamaica

Published: Wednesday, 12 April 2017

eSports continues to grow in Jamaica with more Tournament Organizers putting on events and getting more people involved.

KRYPTIC CHAMPIONSHIP recently put on two monthly tournaments between February and March which saw winners walking away with up to $7,0000 in cash and were also provided with trophies to remind them of their victory. The group is committed to the continued growth of eSports in Jamaica and should be hosting another event pretty soon.


Game Effexx has completed three out of four gaming tournaments so far and this weekend April 15 will see the completion of the final event as teams will have guns blazing to see who will answer the Call of Duty and leave the battlefield victorous. If my pun was not a dead giveaway... teams will be competing in a Call of DutyBlack Ops 3 - Tournament to see who will wake away with head held high and money in hand.

If you are not too busy this weekend be sure to stop by Game Effexx to check out the competition and prepare for other tournaments that will be happening across Jamaica this year. Make sure you are ready and will be #inControl.


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