Project Scorpio specs proves more powerful than PS4 Pro

Published: Thursday, 06 April 2017

Microsoft has revealed the final specs of their new Xbox One console, with speculation that it could cost £400 or more.

Considering they announced it last June, everyone has known for some time now that Microsoft are planning a new ‘upgrade’ console for this Christmas. Something roughly equivalent to the PS4 Pro, but which they insist will be the most powerful console ever made.

But today comes the first real proof of that, as Microsoft has taken the unusual step of giving the technical experts at Digital Foundry exclusive access to the new hardware.

There’s reams of technobabble to get through across the five different articles, but what hasn’t been revealed is the console’s real name, it’s price, or anything about which games will make the best use of it. Those revelations will no doubt be left till E3 in June, so everything today is just about the hardware.

A screenshot of the Forza 4K demo (pic: Eurogamer)

A screenshot of the Forza 4K demo (pic: Eurogamer)

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